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Yes, all of our products are waterproof. The Astroturf covering is high quality, waterproof and UV colour deterioration resistant.

The structure is designed to resist the elements. Our use of tanalised timber means your product won’t be affected by exposure to the elements, and can therefore stay outside all year round.

Not at all, by cleaning our products you are fundamentally cleaning the blades of grass. Therefore, cleaning will require a wipe with a cloth or a light jet wash.

Rain or shine, the elements will not fade the colouring or composition of the Astroturf. This is possible due to the use of the highest grade material which has been tested against UV exposure and has been proven to retain its condition over several years.

Most products are delivered fully constructed, however, some of the larger products are delivered in a couple of sections due to the size of them. You can either construct them yourself, or our expert team can construct the equipment for you for a small fee.

Our heaviest products are, at most, a 2 man lift.

The materials used are designed and manufactured for outside applications. In a normal UK climate they should last for several years.

Absolutely. Dogs love them and cats can claw them without easily damaging them.

We recommend on a hard surface such as decking or stone/gravel but they will be just as good on chippings or grass.

Yes of course. They look good in a conservatory or indeed any setting.

Yes, the artificial grass is fire proof, and also the foam used in the cushions is coated in fire retardant material to prevent fire uptake and smoke production.

Yes – see our bespoke products page.

At Grasscraft, we are thrilled to be in partnership with one of Europe’s biggest banks, Klarna. This means that for any transaction between the value of £35.00 and £1000.00, you can pay in 3 instalments over 3 months, with their ‘Pay in 3’ option. If your transaction value is over £1000.00, or under £35.00, the option to pay using Klarna’s services will not be available.