Handmade In Britain
073 8798 1691 info@grasscraft.co.uk Cheshire, United Kingdom

From motorsport events to international conferences and commonwealth events, Grasscraft is involved in the provision of bespoke seating and flora displays.

In addition to furniture, and artificial trees, we can source and supply carbon neutral trees, plant walls, and shrubs for your event.

Let us do all the work for you……Designed – Created – Delivered – Maintained – Donated, we have a well thought out and proven strategy for every event we supply.

Live Plant Service – we can offer a wide range of live plants, trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs, supplied and maintained throughout the event. Post event, the specimens are donated to the U.K. Forest Trust or other similar charities, to be planted and form part of the U.K.’s carbon neutral programme – and help offset emissions created by an event.

The detail is such that all containers are made from renewable timber, which is then re used post event, and all live trees are maintained whilst at the event so they are healthy and ready to plant and grow on.

We have extensive experience supplying for large events. Our most recent project is the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

For a very special display, and exceptional service, please contact for a quote for your event.